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December 2nd, 2010


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August 19th, 2010

I'm moving!

So, I'm sick of my blog not being able to feed or accept feeds without me paying. I've decided to switch to blogger... follow me there!

August 17th, 2010


Song: Robot Man
Artist: Jamie Horton
Year: 1960

I've had this song stuck in my head for a month. Little did I know Jamie Horton is actual little Gayla Peevey all grown up! Connie Francis also recorded this song but I really like this version.

August 16th, 2010

Free Ice Cream!


I have romper fever. Really though its 90 degrees out and its all I can stand to wear. This is my second dress to romper conversion with elastic bloomer shorts this time. it was fun working with the stripes. I had a few problems with the crotch being too long but I just kept taking it in until they fit right. I was trying to rip the pattern from my american apparel bloomer shorts. I've almost got it right. The elastic makes it confusing...
I did in fact acquire free ice cream on this day. It was good.
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An excuse to wear pastels.


Here I am with Gams Galore at Waxie Moon's fake wedding earlier this week. I was going to wear lavender but I decided on peach. There are only a few very specific places I can wear this outfit-A garden party, an orchard picnic, or a late summertime wedding. Especially a gay one. Especially a gay one that is really just a scene in Waxie Moons new movie, coming soon!
Coming now are more pastels...
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August 13th, 2010

What I wore to go buy a big bag of candy in 90 degree weather. I'm a sugar addict...
I made the romper from a vintage dress!
Like it here: http://www.weardrobe.com/pictures/246400-a-hot-day-at-the-candy-store
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August 12th, 2010



My friends Cassie and Catherine are crazy! Crazy about BEARS! So crazy about bears that they filled a whole room full of bear themed artwork and called it Bearzerker! We all made hilarious BEARets to wear on our heads. I made mine out of a bear backpack because I felt bad gutting a stuffed animal. I'm such a vegan...
Here are some more bear adventures:
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A Dreary Lunch


My outfit for a dreary day lunch with Kevin. I had vegan pastrami, mmmmm.
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You know those days when its near 100 degrees out and you have to get in full drag and roll around pretending to snort coke all evening? Yeah, this was one of those days.
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Here are some choice pics from the Hey Tranny It's Tranny photo booth from Pride Weekend!
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